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 Yadkin Forestry & Realty, PLLC has been in operation since 1997. As a forestry consulting firm Yadkin Forestry & Reatly, PLLC's primary obligation is working with landowners to best protect their interest in forestry and land related practices.

A Consulting Forester:

-Is registered by the State Board of Registration for Foresters.

-Is a technically educated professional forester who is a graduate of a forestry curriculum of a college or university and who holds a bachelor's or higher degree in forestry; or who has shown equivalent knowledge by passing the written examination administered by the State Board of Registration of Foresters as provided in this chapter.

-Is governed by the Code of Ethics of the Society of American Foresters.

-Is competent to practice forest management, appraisal, development, marketing, protection and utilization for the benefit of the general public on a contractual or contingency basis.

-Has not engaged in any practice that constitutes a conflict of interest or in any way diminished his or her ability to represent the best interests of clients.

-Has filed annually an affidavit with the State Board of Registration of Foresters attesting to his or her compliance with the conditions of this chapter. 

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Association of Consulting Foresters of America, Inc.

Society of American Foresters, Certified Forester

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